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Fratelli Pavan

Small Parts Production

The company Fratelli Pavan is always attentive to the development of new technologies and new materials for the continued progress in the markets.

The company’s current activities include: the machining to drawing and sample, the hot forging of brass and the production of small metal parts of various types of steel, aluminum, brass, pom, nylon and Teflon. The company is always attentive to the development of new technologies and new materials for the continuous progress in the markets.



Our production line varies from the production of small metal parts to different types of steel and to different types of steel, to the different processing of bars of all shapes; from the realization of turning pieces of various sizes between 4 and 90 mm, up to the serial production of turning pieces with a diameter between 3 and 60 mm.


Turning / Hardware

Production of parts of different type of material, machining of bar and realization in series of pieces..

Hardware / Milling / Drilling

Milling, drilling and tapping of products of various types of recovery ..

Hot stamping

Production of molded under heat, press Rocker, hot forging brass and aluminum..

Machining of plastics

Series production of special plastic material, by turning, milling and machining even with

Surface treatments and finishes

Operations within the company, surface finishes on products required..


Realisation of small batches and also of individual pieces, of various types of material (steel, light alloys, plastics, etc..)

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